Aetna Coatings Safety Management Systems


Aetna Coatings has a written commitment to environmental, safety, and health policies that include the following elements:


1. Management Commitments and Employee Involvement

  • Written policies

  • Establish and communicate goals and objectives

  • Provide for top management visibility

  • Provide for employee involvement

  • Assign and communicate responsibilities

  • Provide authority and resources

  • Hold all personnel accountable

  • Review program versus goals annually


2. Work Location Analysis

  • Conduct comprehensive baseline surveys/audits for environmental, safety, and health. These are updated regularly.

  • Analyze planned and new jobsite facilities, material, and equipment

  • Perform routine job safety analysis

  • Perform regular inspections

  • Provide employee suggestion system

  • Provide for investigation of accident, incident, and near misses

  • Analyze injury and illness trends


3. Hazard Prevention and Control

  • Engineering techniques

  • Procedures for safe work

  • Provisions for personal protective equipment

  • Administrative controls

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Emergency planning

  • Medical program


4. Safety and Health Training

  • Ensure that employees understand hazards and how to protect themselves

  • Supervisors analyze for hazards

  • Maintain physical protection

  • Reinforce training

  • Ensure that management understands responsibilities


5. Maintain records of employees' training, safety meetings, and health records.

Aetna Coatings will provide management systems that will involve planning to meet or exceed governmental and customer requirements and will make revisions and changes of safety policies or governmental regulations as they become effective. Aetna Coatings will provide it's full-time safety director and a full-time safety coordinator on larger projects. Aetna Coatings' safety programs will interface directly with the customer's safety program or desires and we will report directly to the customer's management. Aetna Coatings' safety director has the authority to stop work and correct any hazard or unsafe practices on the project.