Tank Lining Services


Aetna Coatings installs, repairs and cleans high-grade linings for above ground tanks for the water, wastewater, chemical, petroleum, power generation, transportation, and food & beverage industries. Warranties of up to 20 years are available. As with all our projects, safety is job number one.


All of our applicators are trained in:

  • Confined Space Entry

  • LOTO (Lock Out / Tag Out)

  • Hazmat

  • Hazwopper

  • Scaffolding, Boom lift, Spider, and Scissor lift Operation

  • Lead Abatement & Containment

  • All Applicators receive pulmonary function tests, blood lead tests, and drug tests. They are respirator fit tested, and are trained in CPR and basic First Aid.


Aetna Coatings, Inc. installations include:

  • Acid Tanks

  • Petroleum Storage Tanks

  • Intermediate Product Storage Tanks

  • Raw Materials Storage Tanks

  • Condensate Water Tanks

  • Potable Water Tanks

  • Our state-of-the-art-equipment, such as plural component spray equipment and high performance heating units, allows us to high-temp bake-cure tanks in the field. With Plural Component equipment we also install 100% solids coatings including, urethanes, polyesters and vinyl esters. We also install many types of epoxies, vinyl, two component urethanes and bake-cure phenolics.


In addition, Aetna Coatings can perform support services, such as tank inspections or NACE Inspections on surface preparations and existing coatings.